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Nosrat English Learning Download Free [Latest-2022]




The goal of this course is to teach real conversations using authentic business and personal English. While the voice in the recordings is entirely authentic to Iranian business professionals, the vocabulary used is taught using what is called “first-language English.” This unique approach to language learning makes learning from this course a challenge, but a challenge that anyone who has attended our courses can accomplish. In this course, you will discover: ·A conversation style that will help you develop a genuine connection with your Persian counterparts and build authentic relationships ·A diverse set of questions designed to test your conversational skills ·A menu of conversational techniques ·A never-ending “conversational stack” of pre-learned phrases that you can use when the moment arises ·The vocabulary to use in social situations ·The proper usage of English verbs ·The proper English phrases you need to use to be fully understood and successful when speaking with other English speakers This course is unique in that it will focus more on developing the authentic conversation skills necessary to help you make a successful business or personal connection with a Persian speaker. When the conversation is over, we have the knowledge and confidence to speak another language. This is something you can build upon for the rest of your life. Many of our past students have been able to find jobs in the U.S. and around the world because of the skills they developed while attending our online classes. As a speaker of English, you can accomplish the same goal. This course is a truly unique experience. You will practice how to speak English with the best professionals and the best native speakers in the world. We are here to make your first steps in learning Persian-English easy and fun, so you can have a successful English conversation. With this course you will build the conversational skills that you need to become a professional and successful speaker of English. Students will learn how to use English as a skill that can be used for personal and business communication and build the confidence to communicate with a wide range of native and non-native speakers from around the world. We have a number of courses available that we are adding to our catalog every month. To see what is currently available, please select a category on the left-hand side of this page, or go directly to this catalog page. Start learning with our shortest, fastest, and easiest course, Beginner English.



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Nosrat English Learning Download Free [Latest-2022]

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