Little Legacy for Little Ballers grades K-4

Updated: Aug 15

Please note that you can enroll in Little Legacy at ANY time as long as their is space.

Welcome to Gulf Coast Little Legacy. The objective of Little Legacy is to create a safe space and fun environment for little boy and girl ballers to learn and enjoy the game of basketball. This program would be ideal for a parent that wants their child to learn basketball fundamentals, basketball rules, and teamwork.

Your little baller will have access to knowledgeable trainers and coaches to help develop basic skills and confidence. This program is for the parent that wants something a little more comprehensive than rec ball.

The monthly package ($75/month) includes: weekly skill practices (Tuesday 6pm-7pm) at a local gym (currently training at Grace Christian Academy through the rest of 2022 - 14235 Crescent Landing Drive Houston Tx 77062), skills camp with knowledgeable coaches and instructor/trainer, *game play, and plenty of fun. Once you sign up you will have access to our APP where we share the calendar and important news.

*Game Play is dependent on enrollment

Please NOTE that monthly plans can be stopped or started at any time.

Please spread the word as GCL and Little Legacy is the home for all little ballers out there.

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Please note: Opportunities exist for more advanced players to play on a higher team level. GCL has 3 levels to our program

  1. Little Legacy (K-4)

  2. Academy (5th-8th)- those still learning

  3. Competitive (5th-10th)- those ready for competitive play

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